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Elopement Video Showcase

Eloping in Queenstown is a dreamy way to tie the knot. Surge Media specialises in capturing these Central Otago elopements, and priceless loving memories . For the best appreciation, please view in HD.

Kamal & Will

Kamal and Will decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary together by getting married in Queenstown in beautiful  Moke Lake followed by a helicopter trip on top of gorgeous Bayonet Peak.  It was a pleasure to film your special day! 

Ashleigh & Michael

Ashleigh and Lichael got married on top of Remarkables mountain overlooking beautiful Queenstown

Ashley & Michael

Beautiful Elopement on a top of Coromandel Peak, Wanaka.

Natalya & John

What a great elopement and such emotional vows! We filmed this beautiful wedding video in Chapel, Stoneridge Estate.

Monique & Rudy

Beautiful wedding video in Chapel, Stoneridge Estate.

Erika & Esmond

Erika and Esmond Wedding / Elopement video was filmed at beautiful Moke Lake, Queenstown.

Ashley & Darryn

Ashley and Darryn, your adventures together have taken you to many places, but surely nothing can compare to this! And although it may not be the big lavish occasion that you had in mind it is in it’s own way perfect! 

We filmed this beautiful Wedding/ Elopement video on the top of Cecil Peak, Queenstown.

Terai & Mathew

Terai and Matt, you were set to get married in October 2020 in Bali but of course with the borders being closed you had to swap your dream beach wedding for the fantasy mountains and lakes elopement of Queenstown. You worked so hard, you helped people stay healthy and motivated during that not easy time! It’s such a pleasure to be part of your special day!

Dijana & Benjamin

A magical elopement for Dijana and Benjamin

Ellen & Jarryd

Sometimes the dreams really do come true! Ellen had a dream of getting married on a mountain in New Zealand.  So welcome Ellen and Jarryd here on the top of the world in beautiful Queenstown!

Filmed in Cecil Peak.

Rose & Stefan

"I'm truly blessed to be a part of your life as we confirm our commitment today."

Rose and Stefan's elopement was filmed at the Queenstown Lakes, and atop The Remarkables (helicopter shoot).

Tom & Roni

“Today is a Good Good Day!” We filmed this beautiful couple in Bob’s Cove  and Glam Camping, Moke Lake.

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